Kit Nobre rotating grill

Kit Nobre Rotating Grills for home use were developed in order to provide practicability and speed when preparing barbecue as well as being decorative furniture in the area. Eight models are available, with one or two galleries; they can be supplied with black epoxy painting finishing or in brushed stainless steel.

Technical specifications

  • Components are made of AISI 430 stainless steel when the models are finished in stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel skewers are included (aluminum thermal handle is an option);
  • Cast iron gear system with bronze screwing;
  • Mobile superior iron angle to facilitate charcoal supply and cleaning;
  • Adjustable lateral supports;
  • Stainless steel or brass screws are supplied with the fixing components
  • Engine positioning is in the back of the equipment.
Dimensional Table (meters)
51Kit 05 N10,700,660,23
52Kit 05 N20,500,660,43
72Kit 07 N20,600,660,43
81Kit 08 N11,000,660,23
92Kit 09 N20,700,660,43
112Kit 11 N20,800,660,43
132Kit 13 N20,900,660,43
152Kit 15 N21,000,660,43