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Industrial Line

Technical specifications

  • They come with swivel wheels to make displacement and cleaning easy;
  • 2,250 Kcal infrared burners;
  • Reinforced tubular structure in steel 1010/1020;
  • Exterior in brushed stainless steel (1.00 mm) with glass wool insulation, providing excellent insulation against heat, easy cleaning and higher durability;
  • A system of stopcocks to control ignition by sectors, located on the upper part, providing more safety when handling it;
  • A water tank with flow register provides easy cleaning and avoids smoke;
  • ¼ HP engine, 110/220 V with speed reducer;
  • Cast iron gears fixed on a solid steel rod with double sleeve bronze axle to avoid early wear off;
  • Stainless steel skewers with wood handles;
  • Two galleries: from 11 to 53 skewers;
  • Three galleries: from 17 to 80 skewers;
  • Standard models may be manufactured upon client´s request.
Dimensional Table (meters)
CH 11 DE0,861,460,702
CH 15 DE1,061,460,702
CH 25 DE1,601,460,702
CH 35 DE2,101,460,702
CH 41 DE2,401,460,702
CH 53 DE3,001,460,702
CH 17 TE0,861,600,703
CH 23 TE1,061,600,703
CH 38 TE1,561,600,703
CH 53 TE2,101,600,703
CH 62 TE2,401,600,703
CH 80 TE3,001,600,703