Coal rotating grill with cabinet

If you can't have a masonry grill, a Coal Rotating Grill with Cabinet is the perfect solution. The Coal Rotating Grill has refractory bricks that provide thermal insulation, plus revolving casters, exhauster for smoke and a drawer to collect ashes.

Technical specifications

  • Stainless steel exterior;
  • Gears made stamped steel (models that include from 7 to 9 skewers) or made of cast iron (other models);
  • ¼ HP engine and speed reducer;
  • Motionless gallery to keep skewers still
  • Three gallery models can be manufactured upon client’s order;
  • Models for exportation are manufactured with brushed stainless steel and skewers with thermalhandles
Dimensional Table (meters)
CCG 07 Dupla0,682,100,66
CCG 09 Dupla0,782,100,66
CCG 11 Dupla0,902,100,70
CCG 15 Dupla1,102,100,70
CCG 25 Dupla1,602,100,70
CCG 31 Dupla1,902,100,70
Models for exportation have special dimensions