Export Line

Technical specifications

  • They come with swivel wheels to make displacement and cleaning easy;
  • 2,250 Kcal infrared burners;
  • Reinforced tubular structure in steel 1010/1020;
  • Exterior in brushed stainless steel (1.00 mm) with glass wool insulation, providing excellent insulation against heat, easy cleaning and higher durability;
  • A system of stopcocks to control ignition by sectors, located on the lower part, providing more safety when handling it;
  • A water tank with flow register provides easy cleaning and avoids smoke;
  • Hooks system on the third gallery to help placing the skewers;
  • ¼ HP engine, 110/220 V with speed reducer;
  • Cast iron gears fixed on a solid steel rod with double sleeve bronze axle to avoid early wear off;
  • Stainless steel skewers with aluminum coating thermal handle;
  • Ground wire and three-pin connector;
  • Gear protecting cover to avoid accidents;
  • Two galleries: from 11 to 53 skewers;
  • Three galleries: from 17 to 80 skewers.
Dimensional Table (meters)
CH 11 DE-EXP0,860,701,462
CH 15 DE-EXP1,060,701,462
CH 25 DE-EXP1,600,701,462
CH 35 DE-EXP2,100,701,462
CH 41 DE-EXP2,400,701,462
CH 53 DE-EXP3,000,701,462
CH 17 TE-EXP0,860,701,503
CH 23 TE-EXP1,060,701,503
CH 38 TE-EXP1,560,701,503
CH 53 TE-EXP2,100,701,503
CH 62 TE-EXP2,400,701,503
CH 80 TE-EXP3,000,701,503